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Interior Design Trend: Ceramics and Pottery Decor

Interior Design Trend: Ceramics and Pottery Decor


Ceramics and pottery are timeless, it is one of the few interior trends that never go out of style. Loved for either the practical form or decorative, the blurring of function and aesthetics finds a balance in ceramics. Some pieces can suit any room from the kitchen to the bathroom or outdoors.

A traditional material with a long history, it has an appeal to everyone. Pottery has been part of human existence for thousands of years. They are an integral part of the history of most cultures and most museums hold a collection of ceramics and pottery objects.



Ceramics and pottery are those unique products that work in any interior space whether it is a modern design, minimalist, or even rustic to name a few. The long-standing history and often natural shapes and tones make it the perfect investment piece. Because if you change the colour of your walls, or even move houses, your ceramics are going to look great in the space, against a neutral colour palette or a bold colour scheme they fit in well. A beautiful ceramic vase for example suits a mid-century modern interior, a more traditional heritage space, or a contemporary home.

Only Limited Ceramics and Pottery NZ InteriorFrom left: Minimalist interior and mid-century interior.


Earthy and Natural

There is something special knowing that your ceramics has been from scratch made by hand or on a pottery wheel. A real appreciation for the artisan who made it, the long process behind its creation, and that each piece is slightly unique. The natural clay products with soft edges giving a nod to the natural elements. In a room with hard edges such as a kitchen or bathroom, the handmade quality can help soften the space and make it feel earthy and warm (especially with the more natural pottery and matte finishes). Pieces made from terracotta really add some vibrancy while still feeling natural at the same time.

Only Limited NZ | Ceramics and Pottery | Earthy and Natural

From left: Organic Grey Bud Vase made on a potters wheel by Jino Ceramics, Vintage terracotta Vase/Pot by Humble Abode and Black Clay Cup by My Little Store.


Sustainable Design

Ceramics can last a lifetime and the timeless designs mean it is not something that is often replaced. If anything, it can often be special enough to pass down through generations or taken to thrift stores where there is an abundance of people who collect and treasure ceramic pieces giving them new homes. From home decor shoppers to commercial businesses, people look towards ceramics as a more sustainable option as opposed to plastics or single-use products. With the massive amount of single-use coffee cups going into landfills, having a takeaway ceramic cup is a great way to go for the environment and they look so much nicer.

Only Limited Ceramics and Pottery NZ Sustainable Design 

From left: Thrifted made in NZ Sandy Cups by Humble Abode and Moon Jar made using a traditional Korean porcelain wheel throwing technique by Jino Ceramics.


Set The Table

For the home and even in restaurants, people and businesses are heading more towards using ceramics. With an elegant look, they are a time-tested staple. Whether you have a few beautiful big serving bowls or a full dinner set, they look fantastic as a table setting or on display in open shelving in a kitchen. The slight differences from product to product are part of the character and the massive range of shapes, thicknesses, colours, and sizes available.

Ceramics and Pottery on Only Limited NZ plates and bowls

From left: Large Blue Serving Plate made form red stoneware and twice fire glazed by Elamef Creations, Breakfast Bowl made from hand-cast slip-wear in a green or white glaze (dishwasher safe) by Leach Studio Ceramics and Blush Plate (M) by My Little Store.


Have a Cuppa

Somehow drinking out of a nice ceramic mug just tastes better! Ceramic mugs hold their heat for longer, so as well as looking stylish there is a practical aspect too. The weight, texture, handles, and overall quality of a ceramic mug is much nicer. You can pick one that is just to your liking in size, ergonomics, and appearance and or even have one handmade especially for you. If your mugs are on display they add an eye-catching element to your decor and they also make a special gift. 

Ceramic and pottery coffee cups on Only Limited NZ

From left: Bird Handle Coffee Cup with speckles by Jino Ceramics, Coffee Cup with Handle - Pair By Neolithical Home and Ciel Mug handmade on a potters wheel with a dark indigo glaze by Arle Bell Ceramics.



From ceramic vases to incense holders, simple dishes, or hand-painted treasures there is a lot of variety to choose from. Aside from the practical elements they are the perfect addition to a shelf, table, vanity, or bench to add some curves. Our favourite is the contrast in the straight edges on a bookshelf. The perfect way to add some details and interest to an interior space.

Only Limited NZ Ceramics and Pottery Decor NZ

From left: Basic Soap Dish with Drains handmade to order by Neolithical Home, Bud Vase by Arle Bell Ceramics and Ceramic Egg Tray by My Little Store.


Ceramics as an art form or interior feature is here to stay. It may be the combination of the nostalgia that ceramics has, the natural forms, or the handcrafted, precious nature of the pieces that make it such an interior staple.

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