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F A I L E D W O R D S - original artwork


F A I L E D  W O R D S 

Original artwork by Gabriella Challis - May 2021


Acrylic Paint, oil pastels, charcoal pencil and graphite on 270gsm archival paper. 

Framed in white - 535mm high x435mm wide. 

Signed at bottom right

One-off artwork only.  


15% of profits go directly to New Zelanad Dementia Foundation. 


D R A W I N G  T H R O U G H  L I N E S


is a series of artworks created as a record of moments living and caring for someone with dementia.

Dementia never sleeps, it devours, leaving droplets of memory, flashes of connected music and fleeting recognition with photos. But there is still light in the humour and laughter to be found in moments together.

 Different patterns and colours in this series represent memory, language, visual perception, identity, self-awareness, mood and attention. 

Each artwork acts as a representation of time; time in minutes, time in hours and time in days. 

W H E R E   W O R D S   F A I L