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Only Limited Sellers Guide

Who can be a seller?

Anyone who's pieces fit within the Only Limited exclusivity criteria can be a seller. The seller can be a business, established creative, emerging creative, side hustler, or a creative experimenting with new works, as long as it fits within one or more of the below:

  • Original 1 of 1
  • Made-To-Order
  • Pre-Order
  • Limited Edition
  • Custom
  • Handmade
  • Reclaimed and Upcycled
  • Vintage and Retro

Types of products:

  • Art - Painting, sculpture, prints, photography etc.
  • Homewares
  • Furniture
  • Fashion Clothing
  • Fashion Accessories
  • Kids/babies clothing and accessories

Selling on Only Limited is super easy once you set up your Seller Profile.

Simply click the "Register To Be A Seller" button and it will show you exactly what you need to get started.


Why sell on Only Limited?

  • You don't have to worry about marketing or website development, we take care of all of that for you!
  • No listing fees just pay 10% of the sale when it sells (excluding shipping) plus 5% for the transaction fee. That is far less then selling items wholesale or through a gallery, which can take upwards of 40% of the sale price.
  • Only Limited has been especially designed for the creative entrepreneurs with a real focus on marketing New Zealand wide through Facebook Ads, Google Ads etc
  • You get your own seller profile with a url link that you can use for your social media pages that links to your Only Limited profile and products for sale.
  • The most popular products get featured on the home page.
  • The latest products get featured on the home page as well so everyone has a turn to be seen on there.
  • Only Limited does social media features and Instagram Story takeovers so you may have the opportunity to share your story to a wider audience.
  • We send out a monthly email to sellers with general marketing tips and tricks and how to get the most out of Only Limited.


Can I sell my pieces on other websites as well?

You can as long as you make sure your stock levels are 100% accurate and you keep it up to date, we don't recommend this for one-off pieces unless you use Shopify and auto-sync your products to Only Limited.


Do my product have to be made in New Zealand?

No they don't. Given the more exclusive nature of products it is likely that majority of things will be NZ made, but it is not a requirement. For example there is Vintage/Retro pieces that aren't necessarily NZ made but support a more sustainable way of shopping.

What can I do to make the most out of selling on Only Limited?

  • Take good quality photos. This is important, make sure your photos are clear, you have a nice background, that the lighting shows the colours in the most accurate way and show some detailed shots of your products if you can as well.
  • Write clear descriptions. Let people know about the exclusivity of your product, any details about how it is made, the story behind it and the dimensions.
  • On Facebook add a "Shop Now" button to your business page and link it to your Only Limited shop to make it super easy for people to be able to buy from you. When you share your products add a link directly to them as well on your posts.
  • On Instagram add a link to your Only Limited shop in the "Website" part of your business pages bio. On your posts let people know that they can purchase at the link in your bio.
  • If you can incorporate shipping into your price you can offer "Free Shipping", this is always a drawcard for shoppers.



Register to be an Only Limited Seller

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