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Nikki Sweater- Merino


  • Exclusive Anthea Lawrence Design Merino Knit

  • Merino Wool

  • Sizes S-L

  • Full length sleeve

Ethically made in New Zealand from lovely, soft Merino Wool.

The Merino Knit has some give in it. Length (L) refers to the neck to the hem at the front of the top. Arm Length AL) is the neck to cuff. Arm Circumferences (AC) is the measurement around the approximate middle of the upper arm on the garment. All measurements are approximate. S - L=54.5cm, AL=75.5cm, AC=36cm.M - L=55.5cm, AL=76.5cm, AC=38cm. L - L=56.5cm, AL=77.5cm, AC=40cm.**