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Resin Monstera Coasters


Multi-purpose monstera leaves that can be customised as Monstera Variegata or Monstera Deliciosa.

Can be used as coasters, placemats for small crockery, flats for underneath pots, home decor and more!

Monstera Deliciosa is the full green look, and Monstera Variegata is the half green/half white style. 

If you want to order a certain amount in a set, just add more of the product to your cart. 

Please note that these are handmade so can take up to two weeks to be made. Usually, it takes around 3-5 business days.

Care Instructions:

  • Take care to not leave in direct sunlight. This may cause yellowing over time.
  • Excessive heat may cause the leaf to go 'soft'.
  • To clean hand wash in warm water.
  • Please handle with care.