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Resin Letter Keychain - Silver


Please say which letter goes with which colour flower in the comment section at checkout. 

Add a bit of elegance to your keys or handbag with this stylish resin flower keychain.

Each piece is handmade in New Zealand and crafted with real flowers, resin, and gold foil.

The result is an incredibly unique accessory that captures the sunlight with every move and glistens beautifully.

Please note:

In each keychain you will get a mix of the coloured flowers which you chose

These are made to order so can take up to 2 weeks to make.

Approximately 40mm x 35mm

Care Instructions:

Take care to not leave in direct sunlight. This may cause yellowing over time.

Excessive heat may cause the keychain to go 'soft'.

Take care to not immerse in water for long periods of time.

Please handle with care.