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Amber Serenity



Amber • Sage• Orange • Lavender • Oakmoss • Grapefruit   • Sandalwood • Rose • Musk • Tonka

The beautiful woody and musky base notes are blended with herbal amber, allowing touches both masculinity and femininity. A complex scent that can be perfectly fit into any candle collection.

The Textured Candle are created as design objects, hence the aroma of scented Textured Candle is not as full as Scented Candle's, please kindly choose Scented Candle - Amber Serenity if you would like to enjoy the beautiful scent and full aroma.

The design of the Textured Candle is unique to Weekend Sculpture.

Each Textured Candle is handmade and hand-textured, slight variations in size, shape, colour, and texture may occur.

Please allow 1-3 working days for Textured Candles to be made and dispatched.