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Decorative Trays

$25.00 $30.00

Oval length - 19cm
Medium width - 10cm 
Small width - 8cm

These trays are perfect for trinkets and jewellery, burning candles on and to display other bits and bobs on around your home!

Although these are sealed to protect them - Do not wash or expose to water, wipe/dust with a damp cloth. If any spillages occur, wipe up immediately to prevent possible marking.

They are made from a product called Jesmonite, it is an eco resin, which is a water based rapid setting micro-concrete composite material with a gypsum base, once set it replicates the look of stone.

It is strong, fire and impact resistant, and surprisingly lightweight. These trays will be perfect to sit your Hot Cross Bun candle on, they’re the perfect pair!

They may have small air bubbles, this is normal and they appear during the mixing process. Chip quantity and placement is different in every tray, this makes them unique and one of a kind. 

Please note: the brown and pink trays do have staining around the outside from water marking after the sanding process - this is not a fault and I have discounted them because of this. :)

Check out the sale section for more tray options - but those are made from a different material.