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Clay Face Masks


Back in stock November 1st!

These wonderful clays work amazingly together.

You can purchase them as a trio mix for ultimate detoxification, or as individual clays to suit your skin type.

Kaolin Clay

  • A very versatile clay! Great for helping to clear skin and is great for light exfoliation, but all skin types will benefit from its gentle magic.

NZ Glacial Clay (bentonite)

  • Known to absorb toxins by producing an “electrical charge” when the components change when mixed with water. This can be a little harsh on skin so I recommend to use it a maximum of twice a week and it is suited for oily skin.

Pink Clay

  • Suited for all skin types but even more so for mature skin, it improves softness and because of its soft nature it is very gentle for sensitive skin.


Always patch test before use.

Cleanse skin before application so the face mask can work at its full potential.

In a bowl, add clay (approx 2-3 teaspoons) and add some water (approx 1-2 teaspoons) and mix until you reach a paste that is the consistency of smooth peanut butter or the consistency of your personal preference, the thicker the better.

Apply evenly to freshly cleansed and dry skin, lightly use your fingers to scrub it onto your skin as the clay gently exfoliates. Leave on skin for up to 20 minutes or until completely dry and firm, then thoroughly wash off and pat skin dry. Follow with your favourite face moisturiser then facial oil. Use twice a week.

This mask can be used all over your body, not just your face! Just mix it up like above, apply to your body then shower off after 20 minutes. I love using this as a spot treatment too on problem areas, but please don’t apply onto broken skin.

With only 3 ingredients and no nasties or fragrances, you know that your skin will love you after you use this mask.

Product comes in a silver heat sealed sachet and weighs 70g. You can rinse it out once finished and reuse. 

NZ Glacial Clay (bentonite), French Pink Clay, White Kaolin Clay

For external use only. Contact your GP if irritation/allergic reaction occurs and discontinue use immediately.


Handmade with love in Nelson, New Zealand