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Linen Gingham Butterfly Sleeve Dress


All items are made to order, so please allow up to 1 week to process and make before shipping


Baby/ Toddler/ Girl Linen Dress made of lightweight linen 100%.

-knee length
-snap button on back

Sizing Guide

0-3m-chest circumference 50.7cm(19.93”) centre front height 10.4cm(4.09”) centre peplum height 24cm(9.43”)

3-6m-chest circumference 52.7cm(20.71”) centre front height 10.7cm(4.21”) centre peplum height 25cm(9.83”)

6-12m-chest circumference 56.7cm(22.28”) centre front height 11.3cm(4.44”) centre peplum height 27cm(10.61”)

1-2Y-chest circumference 60.7cm(23.86”) centre front height 11.9cm(4.68”) centre peplum height 29cm(11.4”)

2-3Y-chest circumference 62.7cm(24.64”) centre front height 12.9cm(5.07”) centre peplum height 30.5cm(11.99”)

3-4Y-chest circumference 64.7cm(25.43”) centre front height 13.9cm(5.46”) centre peplum height 32cm(12.58”)

4-5Y-chest circumference 66.7cm(26.21”) centre front height 15.6cm(6.13”) centre peplum height 33.5cm(13.17”)

5-6Y-chest circumference 68.7cm(27”) centre front height 17.3cm(6.8”) centre peplum height 35cm(13.76”)


Choose your size based on measurements.
Not age. Age is only approximate.
Also consider growth of the child.

★Sakura 19 months (growth chart 25%) is wearing 1-2 Y size.