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Melter Pack


Melter dimensions:
Overall Height: 110mm
Diameter: 98mm 

*please note, the melters in this listing have been classed as ‘seconds’ by my supplier (this is why the price has been decreased) and may have some imperfections/marks but are 100% still useable* 

The perfect pack to start you off on the wax melt path!


Items included are:
- Wax melter, suitable for essential oils too!
- 2x wax melt bars (please leave the 2 scents you’d like in the order notes at checkout - find the list under the wax melt listing, but do not add those to your cart separately and please make sure the scents are in stock first).
- 1 pack of 6 unscented tealights that have up to a 6 hour burn time each. These come in a bag that you can reuse, and the colours of the bags vary between black and beige.


Weight: each melt block is approximately 70g 

Each cube will give you up to 10 or more hours of fragrance which works out to be an amazing, up to 60 hour, burn time from each block. You’ll know to replace it when you’re unable to smell it anymore.

Just put one or two cubes into the dish, melt them with a tealight underneath or in your electric warmer and enjoy the fragrance. When you no longer smell the fragrance and want to use a new cube or two, just re-melt the wax and pop some cotton wool balls into the dish to absorb the wax and dispose in your rubbish bin. Easy peasy!

Please remember to not wash wax down your sink drains especially beeswax.

Wax melts are a great option if a more expensive candle isn’t your thing. They also contain a higher fragrance load and you’re guaranteed to be satisfied with the scent throw, hot or cold.

My wax melts are from 100% natural soy wax or local NZ beeswax and phthalate free fragrances, you can breathe freely knowing you’re not inhaling any nasties.

Please follow instructions on the care card that comes with your purchase.