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Mini Candle Tins


If ordering these on their own, please select the $5 shipping option at checkout!


The burn time for these babies is only made to be a few hours at the most, and are suitable for one use only. As they are tin, they can get quite hot while burning so please have these on a heat resistant surface when lit. Some of the fragrances I use contain vanillin which can cause some rusting in tins, but this will not affect your candle in any way.

Candle size matters - This size candle will not fill an entire room with a strong scent, so please keep that in mind. These are intended to be scent samplers only.

These are great little stocking stuffers and perfect to spread around as mini gifts. 

Please follow the instructions on the care card provided in your order - let me know if you need more than one if they are gifts.

*Comfort scent will be different in the next batch as I’ll be adding in more caramel*