One Off Tins


Wooden wick tin candles made with fragrances I have leftover!


Weight: 115g

Candle tins come in small fabric bags that you can reuse.

With soy wax being a natural product, there can be some imperfections like frosting or discolouration. I make these candles in small batches so I can ensure they are the best quality.

Made from a vegan blend of coconut and soy wax and phthalate free fragrances, you can breathe freely knowing you’re not inhaling any nasties.

Please remove the twine upon burning - it is only for decoration and is a hazard when the candle has been lit due to the container heating up as it burns. 

To ensure you get the best out of your candle, it needs to be lit for long enough each time so the wax melt pool reaches the sides of the container, usually about an hour. This lets the wax melt evenly, which reduces tunnelling for future burns. But this can also be climate/weather dependent, in the warmer months your candle can be softer as soy wax has a low melt point and can melt a bit faster. Stop burning your candle when about 1cm of wax remains in the bottom.

Each candle has a sticker on the bottom with safety instructions.

Please see the FAQ page for extra advice, or contact me if you have any questions.


Handmade in Nelson, Tasman, New Zealand