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Reusable Face Washers


Introducing… my secret weapon. 


These come as a set of 2 or you can purchase individually.

I like to use mine to remove makeup (it takes mascara off soooo well), on its own with my normal cleansers (this can sometimes make the black colour run FYI, even after machine washing before first use - I use the Ordinary and Goodness cleansers), and all over my body in the shower. It’s really good for getting old tan off and great to wash off face masks too. I also use mine morning and night on days I don’t wear makeup.

These are made from bamboo fibre (viscose, such an underrated fabric), activated carbon fibre and a fancy kind of German fibre which is 100 times thinner than human hair to really cleanse your pores. 
Made in China.


Please follow the care card that comes with your order, they have helpful tips and tricks and all that good stuff.  

After using these, you will NOT go back to normal single use face wipes. Your life will be changed!