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Sunflowers For Ukraine - Hoop Earrings


Sunflowers For Ukraine

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In times of war, you can always find acts of extraordinary bravery by what you might call 'ordinary' people.

Along with many others worldwide, we saw the footage of a brave Ukrainian woman confronting Russian soldiers as they invaded her city. We watched as she told them they were occupiers, the enemy. We watched as she offered them sunflower seeds to put in their pockets, so when they die, at least flowers grow in Ukraine.

Sunflowers are the national flower of Ukraine and so in her honour, we've put together a range of Sunflower earrings in order to raise money to support those in Ukraine who will suffer as a result of this invasion.

100% of sales (not just profits, all of it) will be donated directly to Voices For Children. 

Voices of Children is a Ukraine based aid organisation that focuses on helping children who have suffered psychologically as a result of war, to help them overcome the trauma they have experienced.

Sunflowers For Ukraine are available with either gold or silver findings.