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Unisex Linen Box T-shirts


Baby/ Toddler/ Boy / Girl Linen Box T-shirts made with midweight 100% Linen.

- Drop shoulder
- little pocket
- Shell button on the back



                chest                       waist
0-3m       43.5cm(17”)              44cm(17”)
3-6m     46cm(18”)                47cm(18.5”)
6-12m      48.5cm(19”)             50cm(19.5”)
1-2Y       52cm(20.5”)             54cm(21”)
2-3Y      54cm(21”)               55cm(21.5”)
3-4Y       56cm(22”)               56cm(22”)
4-5Y      58.5cm(23”)            57cm(22.5”)
5-6Y        61cm(24”)               58cm(23”)
Choose your size based on measurements. Not age. Age is only approximate.
★Photo, Sakura 20 months is wearing 1-2Y size.